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Growing Grapes For More Than 50 Years

My family has been growing grapes and making wine in Canada for more than 50 years. Over those years we’ve won some awards, and my uncle was a pioneer in Canada’s Icewine industry, founding one of our country’s first wineries after the prohibition laws were repealed. We’ve always kept the finest wines to drink at home. Under a maple tree in summer; in front of a raging fire in winter.

I’ve always believed that appreciating wine is something you back into, like a city kid who goes to the desert for the first time. First you get the colours, and the aromas; then you learn the terroir and the techniques. This was my life growing up – working in the vineyards in the summer, then the fall harvest, and in the winter picking icewine grapes in the snow.

Growing up and working on the land, it took me a minute to understand that you can’t write your own story without experiencing it first. I started to love wine and to see that it was not just about the drinking. Eventually I realized that I knew enough to branch out on my own. I started with two rows of the very best grapes on our family estate, and I’ve asked our winemaker Marco to curate the purest wines he can.

These days, wine for me is about quality, about building friendships and sharing memories. It’s about family and working together in the vineyard. It’s about history and nature. Farmers, family, chefs and sommeliers have given us the knowledge to make truly sensational wines, and this is what I want to share with you with Unscripted.

Ultimately our wines are about an appreciation of the past, a respect for nature and a reflection of life that is pure and good. Nature makes us this way, because like a mirror it asks us to make our own stories, ones that are honest and respectful and appreciated for what they are.


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